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  1. H

    disappearing messages help

    hi, i am having an issue with texts/imessage disappering as soon as i've sent them. Is it an indication that this person has blocked me? The time stamps remain but the sent messages disappear a second after i hit send and they've visible in the message thread. My storage isnt full, imessages...
  2. D


    Could you in theory imessage yourself using the iPhone 4s back in 2012?
  3. C

    Merge two iMessage conversation threads?

    My wife got a new phone number (long story -- had to be done). We've been messaging each other with the new phone number, but it's keeping the old iMessage conversations separated. Call me sentimental, but I'd like to keep the old conversations, which includes messaging from the time of our...
  4. HunnieBunnie

    iMessages on iPhone

    I had to change my password for the app store today. Had no problem changing it, but after I changed it, I received a message on my Mac that said Do you want to add =1 [my phone number] to i Message? This phone number was associated with the Apple ID [my Apple ID] on HunnieBunnie's iPhone. I...
  5. S

    Multiple Group text

    Looking for an app to send a message to multiple group messages to imessage and/or sms within each groups. Unfortunately I can not use apps like slacker or app only programs where everyone has to download it. This is for a distribution lists of a group teams and each team has a text thread going...
  6. B

    Why can't I make calls using other devices and messages won't sync?

    Hi all, Recently I damaged my iPhone 5C, so my husband lent me his (exact same model) to use. I restored the phone to factory (not from my old backup), used my old SIM card, set it up with my iCloud and Mac ID and mostly it works just like my old one. BUT, since then, I'm not able to make calls...
  7. D

    iMessage doesn't say delivered

    I was talking to my friend yesterday through iMessage. It seemed fine. Today we were messaging again and everything seemed fine until one time when my message stopped saying delivered. It didn't even show "not delivered". Just out the blue and I know that the person doesn't have their phone off...
  8. Maura

    More Talk That Apple Has Been Working on iMessage for Android

    Earlier in the year rumours started to surface that Apple was working on a version of iMessage for Android, with talk of an announcement at Apple’s WWDC. When this announcement failed to materialise, the rumours quietened down a little. Until today, that is, with MacRumors reporting that noted...
  9. M

    SMS Recipient Appears as Number, NOT Contact Name

    Hi, Having a strange issue with my iPhone 6 since getting iOS 9. I am currently on the latest 9.3.1 update. The issue I am having, is as: When I receive SMS messages. They display on the lock screen and in banner, but they do not display the contact name, only the number it is from, so for...
  10. D

    iPhone 5c (iOS 9.2) messages disappearing after exiting app?

    I am currently on an iPhone 5c that is running iOS 9.2. When I was running iOS 9.1 is when this problem began. When I try to send a text message or iMessage, it gets stuck at "sending 1 of (#)". It has gotten to the point where it is at "sending 1 of 43" to someone. Then, once I exit the...
  11. B

    Strange iMessage bug? -- audio/image grey window blocking new-message input box.

    I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.0. I had this strange occurrence. While using messaging a grey window suddenly appeared blocking the message-input box (or whatever it's called) at the bottom of the screen. This window is the same size as the message-input box and placed centered on the input...