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Zombie Bashing Overload With Dead Rising for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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ItÂ’s not as if the App Store doesnÂ’t have enough zombie games already, but CapcomÂ’s new release, Dead Rising, is more than worthy of a space among all the other zombie games, being a conversion of the legendary Xbox 360 game. In the game, you play Frank West, a freelance photojournalist who must fight his way through a shopping mall simply swarming with zombies, all out for his brains. As with the Xbox 360 game, you're forced to use anything you lay your hands on, including bowling balls, to batter the ever-encroaching zombie hordes. Luckily for you, someone has also left samurai swords, chainsaws and shotguns just lying around with which you can also deal plenty of brutal damage.

The game isn't all about the zombie slaying, as much fun as that is! Players are also forced to collect mall food in order to stay alive, and there are also various social networking features that add a whole new dimension to the gameplay, such as being able to send out a distress call to your friends via Twitter and Facebook to get them to come and try to revive you. If you live, both you and your friend will get a bonus, and if you die, youÂ’ll appear as a powerful zombie in your friendÂ’s game.

Dead Rising is available now by clicking here, for the limited-time launch price of $4.99/ÂŁ2.99.

Source: Capcom