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Dead Rising Shuffles Towards iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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Macworld reports today that Capcom’s smash hit zombie smashing and hitting Xbox 360 game is coming soon to iPhone and iPod touch. With Dead Rising 2’s high profile release last week, it would seem like perfect timing to keep the momentum going with an iPhone Dead Rising game. According to Macworld, an entirely new game will be created from the ground up for the Apple hand-helds, although the game will have a similar storyline to the first Dead Rising console game, with the player taking on the role of journalist Frank West as he tries to make it through a nightmare week trapped in a mall that’s full to the brim with rampant zombies. Luckily Frank is able to use any object that he comes across in the mall’s many shops to pummel, pound, shoot and generally maim and dismember as many zombies as possible.

Macworld says that the game will also have a rather inventive multiplayer feature, whereby if you get killed in the single-player game you can send out a cry for help via Facebook or Twitter. If any of your friends feel like responding they can jump in and help you out. If you still die anyway, despite their help, you’ll be subjected to a penalty the next time you play the game, and your friends will see your zombie alter-ego haunting them on their screens the next time they start playing too. Sounds very cool.

So far Capcom has yet to reveal a launch date or price for Dead Rising on the iPhone.

Source: Macworld