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Zagg Invisible Shield - Screen Question


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Jul 19, 2010
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So I've been looking up some reviews on the zagg, and it seems like a really good product. One thing I cannot seem to find is how the shield (with the orange peel effect) alters screen quality.

The retina display is one of the most appealing things about the i4, and I think it would be a waste of such a nice screen were hindered by my screen protector. That's why I wanted to know;

All you people with ZAGG installed on your iphone4, how does it effect the quality of the screen? Does it diminish anything, like brightness? Does it make the screen itself look like an orange peel when the phone is on? If it does effect it, how bad is it?

Please note that I will be getting it professionally installed, so take user error out of the equation.

Thanks, and please be honest :)
It doesn't effect it at all.. still beautiful but if you have it in the like sun or near a light you see the orange peel when the screen is black and barley when its on.. hope this helps :p
This is why I don't have one. (have owned 2) As with any screen protector it reduces the smooth glass feel. I choose to use vinyl to cover the non screen parts so if I set it down the screen doesn't rub the tabletop. The glass is just too good to cover. But if you can stand the slightly rubbery feel the zagg is the way to go. One of the best on the market!
So basically Danny, what you are saying is that the zagg doesn't effect the quality of the screen, but how the screen feels to your fingers?

If that's the case, I'm getting zagg for sure. I'm not the type to make sure my hands are clean before I jump for my phone, and I work in a lab so I get dye on them at times. I think the screen is a better bet for me.

Also, this phone has to be in good condition to sell next year when the next iteration of the iphone reveals its face to us mindless buying zombies. This is my first iphone, but if i fall for it, there will be more in my future lol.
Another "newly" found feature I have found with the Zagg invisible shield is that it keeps the IP4 in place. I found before I had the invisible shield on, I would set the IP4 on my leg, or on an arm rest, and the phone seemed to wind up on the floor. I love the glass screen and back, but as far as staying in one place, it was way too smooth. As far as the Retina screen quality, I can't tell a difference when the phone is on. You do get a slight "orange peel" effect when phone is off, but it's a fair trade. One word of caution, if you intend on using your IP4 with a Zagg shield AND a waterproof, bag style case, don't bother. I am on my second invisible shield because I found out the hard way that the waterproof case will almost "weld" to the invisible shield. It completely ruined the invisible shield. My loss is your gain.