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ZAGG Invisible Shield(Case Friendly)


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Nov 13, 2010
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So I was on the Zagg website today and noticed for the Iphone 4 they now have a 'Case Friendly' verison of the Invisible Shield. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has bought this product and noticed its different features? I'm still looking for screen protection I can use without having my Incase Slider peel back my screen protector.

Thanks for the help...
I haven't bought one but like it says on the website it's just a bit narrower. If you do a search on the forum you will see some others have already used these and they seem to work just fine.
Case friendly appears to be a little thinner/narrower from the pictures. Havent personally used it.
I've used InvisibleShield screen protectors for a while, can't say I've ever experienced any problems fitting my phones into any cases. Maybe there are some cases out there though that are a tight fit with the iPhone 4, and thus need something like this.
I have the new case friendly Zagg Invisible Shield. I recommend letting someone at Best Buy install it. Works and looks GREAT.......Had it on my iPhone 3g....Needs the case friendly version for the iPhone4, screen only... (I use a Griffin Edge Case also)