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YouTube app on iPhone 4... ANYONE else having this problem?


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Nov 8, 2014
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I am at the point where I'm going to just assume my phone or this app or something is irreparably cursed because not one other person I have spoken to has experienced this and not person seems to have reported it anywhere, either (except me, all posts about this on the internet have no replies and I wrote them all).

I have an iPhone 4 and recently, in the last month or so, it has started doing something exceptionally strange (and irritating beyond words, after dealing with it so long). When I use the YouTube app it decides to play a song all by itself. If a video takes about .000000001 seconds to load, a song starts to play. When the video ends, the song plays again. Next time a video buffers, bam, song plays AGAIN.

Every time this happens, even if it's mere seconds apart, the song starts over from the beginning and it's always exactly the same song, the one that happens to be #1 in my phone's music library if everything is sorted alphabetically by song title. This would be obnoxious enough if it were contained to that app, but even worse is that once this evil song starts up, I know it will play the next time I plug my phone into my car stereo even if YouTube is closed. Whatever I was listening to on my way to work gets tossed to the side and "Now Playing" goes from my playlist to a list of every song on my phone in alphabetical order.

I don't remember ever giving the YouTube app permission to interfere with any other apps and I've tried uninstalling and re-installing YouTube but nothing is working. I have always liked watching YouTube on my lunch break and use my phone for music on my work commute, but this has made a situation where this one song (one I actually used to like) is now just a rage trigger.

Can ANYONE offer ANY kind of help? I'm starting to think I'm going mental and this phone is just messing with me.