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xCute - execute remotely via SSH


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May 12, 2014
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xCute - exeCute Remotely
Sending commands to a server can be as simple as sending a text message to a friend.

As a software engineer I often access computers remotely, I use VPN, SSH, Telnet or whatever remote software allows me to "get in there" and "interact". Virtual terminals are useful tools when used from a laptop or desktop but I find that from mobile devices something different, simpler and quicker is necessary. Very regularly I just simple want to perform a few tasks and read their results.

I wrote this application to be able to access remote hosts and perform tasks with the simplicity of just the touch of a button. I can now do so with an iPhone while travelling, or in the comfort of the sofa at home with an iPad.

xCute on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xcute/id809286174
What’s New in Version 1.6.0
18 May 2014
Adjusted to communicate with SSH servers under Windows.

Version 1.5.0
9 May 2014
Added Spanish and French localisations.

Version 1.4.0
24 Apr 2014
Secure SSH private/public/Password Phase keys. One Global for all servers. One on a per host/user. Easy key upload via email. Both RSA and DSA modes.
Performance improvement on lengthy content.
Asynchronous content formatting.
Change font size.
Zoom in and out.

Version 1.3.0
28 Mar 2014
Direct interaction on shell window.
Added mail selection if selected, otherwise mail entire session.
Added Clear button to wipe out current session text.
Added Save/Cancel buttons to Edit Host.
Return key in exec keyboard now is Send command.
Sanity checks on command line.
Improved session auto restart on connection failure.

Version 1.2.0
15 Mar 2014
Made sending commands to a server as simple as sending a text message to a friend.
Persistent connections.
Automatic reconnections.
No need to explicit connect or disconnect.
Persistent server state - continue always in the state of the last command.
Simplified and revised GUI.

Version 1.1.0
24 Feb 2014
Host dependent command history.
New color picker.
iPhone landscape.
Swipe gestures.
Swipe host details to make space.
Localised keyboard configuration.
Alert on up/down to/from iCloud.
Added a hide keyboard button.
Added proper place holders in text fields.

Version 1.0
11 Feb 2014