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Worth fixing or cut my losses?


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Sep 5, 2014
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New here (intro on the new members area) after some learned opinions. Bought a used iPhone 5 about 3 months ago to replace my elderly 3. The 5 was lovely, working (for me) just fine. Suddenly, without warning, on Tuesday it went very wrong - battery power fluctuating, randomly turning off and on, not turning on at all. My first fear was water damage - although there was no way that this could have happened. However, I once flooded my 3 and it acted up the same way - I was able to repair with a new battery on that occasion...

So... I bought a new battery, installed this evening and after installation all turned on fine. However, screen did not respond to touch at all. SMS messages arrived, other alerts popped up, but nada on the screen response. And there were faint vertical white lines which disappeared quickly after screen illumination. Much googling and I tried home/power reset - no avail. Next, I tried a full reset wipe, through iCloud FindmyiPhone. And now I have a restored phone - with no screen response. Took apart, checked battery, checked screen contacts - all seem fine, but still no response on screen touch. Removed and reinstalled screen to double check contacts - still no response, although lines appear to have gone.

So, now for some advice please... Given what I describe above, does anyone have any ideas what may have gone wrong with this? Is this worth forking out for a £30 screen assembly replacement - is this likely to solve the problem? And if I do go for a new screen, any views on the ebay OEM screens? Any good? Or should I just cut my losses and not throw any more money on this and seek a replacement?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your expertise???