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wireless headphones


Aug 5, 2010
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I am looking at bluetooth headphones. It seems they would be really a nice feature. I am noticing that all I have seen, need a module plugged in the bottom.
I have not found one with a module you could still plug your phone into a charger also. ( maybe a plug THROUGH module?) anyone know of any available?
I dont know any like what youre wanting but ive seen a few that you can buy without the dongle. If you have an iphone than most bluetooth wireless headphones should work with it. That way, u can have the dock connector free to charge with.
I saw a pair of bluetooth headphones over at Best Buy
they were only like 90 bucks
Problem I've always had with bluetooth headphones is that the sound quality is usually rather poor. I'd rather invest a set of headphones that improve sound, especially as the iPhone 4 is an awesome music player.
The Motorola S9-HDs are pretty good I got them about 6 months ago and they work and sound good. Used them at work after we closed so the cords wouldn't get in the way. But had the Motorola Droid then. And now with the iPhone you cant use the seek buttons on the side of the headsets and I don't remember if the volume buttons work or not. But you can answer and end a call with them or pause and play the music.
I think the bluetooth controls don't work with any headphones, the iPhone doesn't allow it.
Lately I've been using my Bose in-ear headphones with mic, that's why I don't remember how the Motorolas work exactly.
They seem to work fine playing music or making a phone call. But can't use the other controls. I've connected them to my MacBook also and they work fine that way too. Just wish Apple would allow it to use the controls.
Motorola HT820 is great sound - great battery life and work well - recommended.
man, decisions decisions....! These look real good too! I do appreciate it!!
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I would recommend the Nokia bh 505's. In my personal opinion they are the best looking with great sound and incredibly long battery life.

I purchased from Bluetooth & Wireless Products at a fantastic price. Sorry non UK folks as I don't think they post internationally.
I got tired of the earbud wires getting caught on everything so I went with wireless earbuds. Sony makes some nice ones and they come with a bluetooth adapter if you don't have one on your phone. It's pretty easy to link up to your phone. here's a tutorial

How to Make Wireless Earbuds