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Winterboard Problems on iPhone 6 iOS 8


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Aug 14, 2013
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Hi there,

Am having problems with Winterboard and themes on my iPhone 6 (iOS8).

So far, I have tried two themes - iesight and aelon. I am able to pay for, download and install these themes without issues. However, after respringing, I have found that a few of my Apple stock apps keep on crashing and can't be used, with these themes installed. For example, Voice Memos and Apple Maps. My third-party apps e.g. Wahtsapp, Runkeeper don't have any problems with functionality though.

As soon as I remove these themes though and revert back to the stock iOS icons, the problems are immediately fixed. (Winterboard is still installed).

What can be done about this please? Any themes that will not cause these problems on my iPhone 6?
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