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wimvanvliet - new to Iphone


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Dec 19, 2010
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Hello, thanks for allowing me to join this wonderfull network. I just bought an Iphone and although I expect it to be a great gadget, I am struggling to use some of its facilities. I am not a computer expert, that may be the problem. I am learning fast however. First problem I encountered was when I found out that my provideer does not support the use of Facetime so now the wife and me can not use that facility. Second problem is that I am unable to upload MPEG-4 MUSIC files from my computer into I-tunes. It works with MPEG-4 MUSIC files directly from my old CD's but not those which I carefully uploaded onto my computer for my previous phone (Nokia N95) and which I now want to include in the Iphone. I tried it all, including changing settings in "Edit, "Preferences", "Import Settings". Would love to get some advise on this. Look forward to learn a lot and hopefully eventually give some advise as well. Regards, Wim

I wasn't aware you could get mp4 as a music file. I thought that was video? Mp3's are for music.

If you having problems with music try converting them to aac format. This can be done in iTunes by right clicking the file in your libaray and choosing convert from the menu. If it's video then you will need a free app called vlc to play them on your phone...