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Will The iPhone 7 Use New Technology Provided By ARM and TSMC?


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Fast and energy efficient, Apple's A9 chip combined with the technology in the iPhone 6S makes it the fastest smartphone on the market today. Built by TSMC and Samsung, the 16nm/14nm A9 chip allows the iPhone to have increased performance and a strong battery life while keeping the size of the battery the same.

While the A9 chip seems to keep the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus running smoothly, Apple's iPhone 7 is expected to include more complex technology. ARM and TSMC have announced a 10nm FinFET chip which should increase power and efficiency even more. While the chip has yet to see a date from ARM, TSMC is expected to produce 10nm silicon in April or May 2016.

The question here is whether the technology will be completed and ready for the iPhone 7. The new chip would include an Artemis CPU core, which consists of a 4-core cluster. The technology has been said to achieve a 11-12% performance boost and 30% power usage reduction. This is a chip we will definitely want to see an a future iPhone or iPad.

Source: BGR

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