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Apple's iPhone 7 A10 CPU (with 16nm FinFET Core) Could be Exclusively Made by TSMC [Rumor]


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Jul 27, 2011
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Is it too soon for rumors of the iPhone 7? Nah! According to the latest supply chain intel, the next generation of chipset which will appear in the iPhone 7 is already deep into development. Supposedly, the new A10 chipset will be produced on a 16nm FinFET core and will be manufactured exclusively by TSMC.

To be clear, here at HQ we are skeptical of this rumor. The A9 chip production was a team up between TSMC and Samsung. Neither company could handle the total demand of the Apple juggernaught completely, so each handled 50% of the chips which go out in the newest iPhone 6S. The reason for this is that Samsung is the only chipset manufacturer who can handle a 14nm process. It seems unlikely that Apple would move backwards in their chipset lineup and miss out on the greater heat and energy efficiency of the 14nm process.

Still, perhaps TSMC impressed Apple with their output of the 16nm A9 chip. Afterall, even if the 14nm is better tech, if you can't produce enough of them to keep up with Apple products' huge demand, then what good is it?

Source: PhoneArena

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