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Wifi greyed out


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May 11, 2014
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Hi guys,
Hope one of you will be able to help me out with this perplexing issue

A couple of months ago I updated my iPhone 4s (via the app store) and since I have had a greyed out wifi, Various different sites have said things ranging from reseting my phone (done a full reset twice and problem still persists) I have also reset the network settings. Another option was that it was an update that apple released which made the wifi chip overheat, Which stated to wait for the next update… I did wait for an update and for about an hour my wifi was working….

But now its back to not working and it's costing me a lot of money on Data plans (my family lives in the UAE and I live in Australia so I Skype them) this is becoming a real issue..

I've done things ranging from a full reset to putting my iPhone in the freezer.. but to no avail.
My phone has been fully re-covered including the screen so I am not really looking to buy a new one right now after spending so much on it already so a fix would be ideal.. however I DONT want to reset my phone again because it's a real pain.

If you know what to do, you are fabulous and I need your advice.
Thanks all
Have you tried everything suggested here? http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1559

If you still can't turn on WiFi you may possibly have other issues. If you have an Apple Store nearby, you could take in your iPhone for a Genius Bar appointment and have a full diagnostic done.