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WiFi Baby 3G Uses iPhone as A Baby Monitor


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Jun 18, 2010
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V18Hd5KUCW8]YouTube - WiFi Baby video monitors - Wireless Video & Audio to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC![/ame]​

A baby monitoring equipment supplier called WiFi Baby has come up with the idea of using your iPhone or iPad as a baby monitor. The WiFi Baby 3G is both a camera and a computer, with an advanced system that creates a password-protected wireless internet connection to any compatible device in a home WiFi network. Unlike a stationary webcam, the WiFi Baby 3G doesn’t need to be physically connected to a computer. It’s easy to set up with the included software and iPhone and iPad apps designed to be suitable for busy parents to use, with no technical background required. Aside from a colour picture and sound, the WiFi Baby 3G also offers night vision, motion detection and an on-screen clock so that parents can be assured that they are watching a current video stream.

As well as being a baby monitor, the unit can work as a wireless router to enable viewing outside of the user’s home via PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad, so that it can be used as a Nanny Cam or a home security camera.

The idea for WiFi Baby 3G was borne out of WiFi Baby CEO Stefanie Fox’s own search to find a quality baby monitor to watch her son.

"When I asked my friends for a baby monitor recommendation, they all had the same complaints regardless of brand or price... interference, static when on different floors, picture and sound would fade out, rooms that couldn't get a signal. It didn't matter if they lived in a high-rise in Chicago, a three story townhouse or a ranch style home in the suburbs, it was the same story. Also there was the issue of security. One of my friends caught footage of their neighbor's baby because they owned the same brand monitor!"

To find out more about WiFi Baby 3G, which costs $279 for the monitor, click on the link: iPhone and iPad Video Baby Monitors | Best WiFi Video Baby Monitors 2010 | Wireless Network Video Baby Monitors | Buy Y-Cam USA | Video Baby Monitors video and audio to PC Mac iPhone iPad |

Source: WiFi Baby 3G