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Who took the day off to wait for their iPhone 6 today?


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Jul 27, 2011
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Come-on... we know some of you played hooky today because you can't wait to get your device. Sound off if you are one of those folks to show off your enthusiasm!
I might be taking a half of day off. I have one shipping to my office and one shipping to my house :)
I took a day off queued up for 8 hours than was told all iphones sold out for all sizes and color, got to work my boss had one spear got that. How lucky :)
That was very lucky that your boss had a spare he was willing to sell, which model/size/colour..etc was it?
Since I'm retired I didn't have to "call out".....but I DID spend the day puttering with stuff around the house, all the while scoping out our front door/driveway for the FedEx truck.....Expected delivery BY 4:30PM --- he showed at 3:05PM!!:D
FWIW....the shipping box was nearly UNSEALED!!!:eek: I "finished" opening it before the guy left to be sure the contents were THERE....and INTACT!! (They WERE!!)