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White iPhone 5 Front Panel Appears Online


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacRumors posts pictures today of what it is claimed are front panels from a white iPhone 5. The pictures were posted to a Photobucket account and found by Apple.pro. As MacRumors notes, this is the first time that apparent pictures from the white version of the next iPhone have emerged. The pictures show both the front and back sides of the front panel, and as with other leaked shots, show that the front-facing FaceTime camera is now above the earpiece rather than on the left, where it is currently situated. The panels also show that the display does look to be longer than previous iPhones, as also revealed by other recent leaked photos. As to the legitimacy of these pictures, MacRumors notes that the Photobucket account where they were found is the same account that previously managed to get its hands on comparisons between the iPad 2 and the newest iPad, accurately revealing that the newest iPad was thicker than the previous models.

Source: Claimed Front Panel of White Next-Generation iPhone Surfaces - Mac Rumors

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