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White iPhone 4 Teardown Reveals Rear Camera Sensor Differences


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Jun 18, 2010
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As sure as night follows day, the release of a new Apple device will always be swiftly followed by a teardown, where someone takes their new handset apart and has a good look at the exposed innards on the hunt for any significant changes. AppleInsider reports that Japanese blog MacOtakara has photos from a teardown of the white iPhone 4, which was released last week, which show the differences between the rear camera sensor of the white iPhone 4 and that of the black iPhone 4 (the white iPhone is on the right in the picture). According to information that MacOtakara manage to obtain via Twitter, the two sensors are actually the same, they just look different. However, MacOtakara also says that the “magnitude of the incident light” is a different size in the black and white versions. AppleInsider notes that it could be that the lens has been designed differently in the white iPhone in order to correct the light leakage problems that were said to be one of the reasons for the white iPhone 4’s delay.

The teardown also showed that the internal proximity sensor is slightly different in the white iPhone 4 to the one in the black iPhone 4. Other than that, looks like business as usual for the white iPhone 4s inner workings!

Source: AppleInsider | Preliminary white iPhone 4 teardowns reveal modified lens, proximity sensor


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Jun 15, 2010
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i was so surprised that a simple colour change would bring so many problems and changes to the iphone 4

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