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White iPhone 4 Slightly Thicker Than Black iPhone 4


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Jun 18, 2010
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Engadget reports today that the white iPhone 4, which finally went on sale yesterday, is a teeny tiny bit thicker than the black iPhone 4. Now while this is not actually earth-shattering news, Engadget does bring up the point of whether or not case manufacturers will have to make completely new cases for the phones? Engadget conducted their own test with an Incase slider that had to be shoved onto the white iPhone 4 with some force, whereas it slipped easily onto the black iPhone 4. It probably only makes a real difference on the close fitting cases though. Engadget notes that the extra thickness of the white phone is most likely due to the need for extra UV protection, as explained by Apple’s Phil Schiller in an interview with All Things Digital earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the white iPhone 4 is already doing great business, selling out in Beijing and Hong Kong, according to Cult of Mac.

Source: White iPhone 4 thickness creates issue for case makers, owners -- Engadget, iPhone4WhiteFinally | Cult of Mac