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Which iPhone would you get? (Need opinions please!)


Sep 16, 2016
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Ok, So I decided to make the switch from Android to Apple, but i'm still somewhat debating on which model to get. Best Buy is currently offering the following promotion (see pic below). Since my current Sprint plan is considered a "Legacy" plan, I can take advantage of this offer.

Here is what I was thinking, I am wanting to get the iPhone 7+ 128gb for $16.27 a month. But I'm finding it hard to finalize my decision, considering I could get a iPhone 7 with 256gb for slightly less. another thing that I need to factor into my decision is the 256gb iPhone 7 is in stock and can ship out to me within a day, while the 128gb iPhone 7+ is on back order and will take somewhere between 3-4 weeks to arrive.

With all that being said, my question to everyone is, what would you guys do? Would you take the higher storage iPhone 7 over the mid storage iPhone 7+? If so, why? also, would waiting about a month to get your phone be a deal breaker for you?

I just want to say Thanks in advance to all of those that will chime in with their opinions.

I went with the 7+ 256gb for the following reasons:
1) Larger screen so I don't need to use reading glasses as often (yes, it sucks getting old).
2) Dual camera since I take a lot of pictures (optical 2x zoom will be huge for me) and videos (now can be done in 4K with the 256GB).
3) Larger battery.
4) I didn't want to under buy and regret it 3 months later.

My wife went is getting the 7 with 256gb because she wants to be able to store all the pictures and videos I take as well as get the better selfie/FaceTime camera.

If the FedEx tracking is correct, both phones should be here in two day on the 23rd (Friday).
I would wait for the 7 plus, you might regret having the smaller screen later.

I'm waiting for the 7 plus and it will be around a month from pre-order by the time it comes but I wouldn't go with the 7 just to speed things up.
Personally I would wait until the model I wanted is available.

That's mainly because I intend to keep my next phone for at least 4 years, so the 7+ 256Gb is where I've set my sights. My 5s is still perfectly functional so waiting is not a big deal.

Both of your options will yield a top quality phone, and 128Gb is still pretty huge. That said, I'd sacrifice screen size for storage size.
Don't you mean you could get the iPhone 7 with 256 gb for slightly more?
Please disregard the above. I misread plus and +. Sorry!
I just took the plunge from android to Iphone and ordered the 7+ tonight. Although it says scheduled delivery between Oct. 19th and 26th I'm hoping it will be sooner. Looking forward to it.
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Please let us know how you like it. We know you will! :)
Just placed my order for my iPhone 7 plus! Now comes the hardest part...WAITING!
Yes waiting, I know all about that....You made the right choice though, It will be worth the wait.
My advise is, go with the phone you want and don't worry about availability. You don't want to regret your decision as you'll be stuck with it for a while. Better to get a little more than you need than a little less in my books.

I ordered the 7+ 256GB myself and I expect to have to wait at least a couple weeks. I did this even though my current phone is busted and I'm going to go nuts waiting.

I received an email today and my phone has been shipped! I checked the tracking number and it's supposed to arrive this Wednesday. I wasn't expecting it this soon at all! I was thinking I'd get it by the end of October. Needless to say I'm VERY excited and I already bought 2 cases from Amazon. I'll keep everyone updated as soon as it gets here!