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which iPhone do you think has the best build quality?


Oct 28, 2012
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I have a 3gs, 4s, 5s, and my wife just got a 6 - but honestly feel like the 3gs and especiall the 4s feel the most solid (obviously the new ones are faster/new features)

But especially the 4s I love how it has some weight in it and a true metal feel and the new ones it feels like they skimmped on materials to save money and then called it a light weight design. And the 5s especially feels pretty plasticy... :s

But if you think about it, even if they skimp on materiala and save 1 dollar on each phone built that's millions of dollars saved :|
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When we talk about the build, I can say that the 4s is really great and SOLID. But iPhones now are sleeker that's why we have to be more careful in handling new ones :)
Build quality, l'm using a 7 but don't need it, without a thick rubber case it's useless for me. I believe they are trying to get more into a smaller package.
One tap on the edge and who knows what might be kaput inside or out.
I prefer my 5s solid handy that, and no case, got chip out of the corner though, fell about 12 inches onto a sharp metal drill l was using.
All of mine except the 6S Plus are in like new condition so I have to say any of them except the 6S Plus that developed a screen crack from top to bottom and had a couple of flakes on the inside of the screen come off. The crack was unprompted and I only found out later that Apple would have replaced it for free while still under Apple Care as it was a known issue.
I have had my 7 since December 2017 and I am quite happy with it.
I have not had any problems with it, except, a battery that seems to drain faster than I would like.