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which country is my iPhone 6 belong to?


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May 4, 2015
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Hello everybody
I have just buy a iPhone 6. Its model is: MG482QL/A . I want to know which country is my iPhone from? in other words my iPhone is produced by demand of which country.
I didnt find a country that is related to QL.
Please Help me.
I found out that yours is a 16GB Space Gray iPhone 6, but I also couldn't find what country the QL code was associated with.
I found this -
  • MG - Hungary (“T-Mobile” operators -> locked, but it’s possible to remove a sim lock under additional conditions).
MG doesn't point to the country, iPhone order numbers from the USA also start with MG.
So does my iPhone 6 plus's number.

If it was ordered from Apple's store for Education, you won't find it's country of origin. Most lookup sites can't show it.
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I found some Italian info. JA must be right.