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Which case has a better signal!!


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Sep 15, 2010
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please post the name of your case and where you bought it and price.
I am only interested in cases that fixes the signal issue.
i had the ifrogz blue and black case, bought it from at&t for about 30 bucks even before i had my phone, but now i let my gf have the case for her iphone and i just use screen protectors, works fine for me
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I just received the original apple rubber bumper and it works a lil better then the clear casemate case.
Just make sure you don't get a Aluminum case
my alum. case ALWAYS gave me 1 to 0 bars, and I thought it was my iPhones problem until I compared my phone side by side with a friend and his was getting 4 bars while I was getting 1
The bumper is best and I've tested everyone
It's a hard rubber that covers edges and
The face or the back never touched any
I have a Ringke from rearthusa.com -- I haven't had much reception problems once I've started using it. If I remember correctly, it was under 20$.