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Where to get "Find My iPhone" version 2


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Aug 11, 2014
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Hey all,
I'm running the latest version iOS 6 on my iphone 4S and iPad 3. I want to get the "Find My iPhone" app but itunes only has version 3 which is not compatible with my iOS. I don't want to upgrade to iOS 7 because its not optimized for my hardware.

Where can I get a safe download of version 2?

The latest version of iOS has been optimized for each device capable of downloading it. There's no reason not to update. One reason to update as soon as possible is that iOS 8 is coming out in about a month and if iOS 8 is released before you upgrade to iOS 7.1.2, your chance will be lost forever as the signing window for iOS 7.1.2 will close very soon after the public release of iOS 8.

As to your request for help in downloading an early version of find my iPhone, it can't be done. The only way to legally download apps is through the App Store. Any third party site offering app downloads is a piracy site offering pirated versions of apps.

Unless you downloaded the earlier version of find my iPhone and have it stored on your computer, there is not a legal wY to do it.
Thanks for the info.

As for iOS 7 being optimized for each device capable of downloading it, that doesn't jive with the reviews I read when 7 first came out. Yes, my hardware is capable of running it, but reviews say slow and sluggishly. That's why I've not upgraded.

So unless something has changed about 7, that there are different versions of 7 optimized for iphone 4 hardware and a different version optimized for iphone 5, I think I'm better off staying with an iOS that was actually written for the 4.
iOS 7 came out almost a year ago, have you looked at the newer reviews? Each update of iOS 7 has seen improvements over the previous version.
Although the iPhone 4 on iOS 7 is slower than the newer devices because of it's lack of RAM and processing power, it does work better on the latest version of iOS 7 than it did when iZoS 7 was first introduced.
If iOS weren't optimized for each device it runs on, it wouldn't run at all.

These bad reviews you mention were based on the experiences of a small minority of users.
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No, I have not looked at the newer versions. I just read the reviews of its initial release on the 4s and blew it off as an option all together at the time.

I just read another thread in which you gave a link to discussion of the newer versions of 7 being much better on the 4s, due to how rushed the initial release was.

I may give it a go. Hopefully itunes doesn't brick my phone or ipad.
Well Duh, didn't realize Find My iPhone was a part of iCloud, as I don't use that. Seems I already have it, it just doesn't show up in settings until you enable the cloud.