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Whatsapp: "close to ear" automatic volume decrease does not work


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Jan 19, 2015
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Hello everybody,

I have an issue with my iPhone 5s concerning Whatsapp. Usually when I listened to a voice message received in Whatsapp with my iPhone, the loudspeaker mode was on if I kept the device distant. When I placed the iPhone close to my ear the device automatically lowered its volume.

In the last days this does not work anymore, when I place the iPhone close to my ear the device stops reproducing the audio. If I attempt to play the audio message when the iPhone is already close to my ear it just does not reproduce the audio. This is really annoying since I cannot ear the voice messages when I am in a public place, unless I am willing to broadcast to people nearby the message that I received :)

I do not whether it is a general bug, specific for my iPhone or if the last update reset some setting for my iPhone/Whatsapp and I cannot find any thread about this topic on the web. Does anybody have a solution? Thanks