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Whats your favorite app.

Jailbreak or non-jailbreak? Assuming non since your proffered favorite is FB.

Some of mine:
-Sound Hound
-Drudge Report
-Talkstream live (best talk radio app I've seen)
- OO Tunes (all AM/FM channels, built in recorder, built in clock radio, etc.)
- NCAA March Madness on Demand
I am on tapatalk constantly. I like iSub a lot too.
Fast Customer - I loathe sitting on hold when I call a company like AT&T and this app calls them for you and then connects to you when a live person is on the phone. Totally feeling the love for this app.
"Dragon Dictation"

This is a free app for speak-to-text, I won't say it's flawless but it saves so much time. Give it a try, play around with it to learn it and I think you'll agree. I haven't tried yet but I'm told if it types a word incorrectly that you use frequently, you can edit the word in DD and the next time it will choose the correct word. For instance, my son's name is Zack, DD spells it Zach, from what I read, you can change the "H" to "K" and it will remember it in the future. You can even speak punctuation! The only thing I've found that it doesn't recognize is "( and )" when you say "parenthesis", that's what you get, it spells the word. However, it places commas, periods, question marks, and even semicolons and colons.

After you've spoken your text tap the button in the lower right and a screen will pop-up that allows you to choose what you want, email, sms, copy, facebook, or twitter. After you choose, say for instance...sms, it will paste in your normal text app. From there you simply choose the contact you want to send it to.

I don't say this because I'm slow at typing, because I'm not.
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Tough one!
Do use Twitter a lot more than what's healthy, but have also grown immensely fond of EverNote. A brilliant cloud service. :)
Top Ten Game Apps for the Iphone 4

Angry Bird- I have included the free version of angry bird because I think it is want of better games played on your iPhone it is very addictive game so I would recommend a giving try on the iPhone you will enjoy not only the free version but I think you will want to purchase the paid version also.

Bejeweled 2 and Blitz- This is an almost addictive game. You have to get three colors in certain order and beat the clock to score. It updates with facebook and keeps your high score against all your friends who play Blitz. Great app

Guitar Hero- this is as close as it comes to the actual game on wii and playstation. It does have limited songs but I think they will update these as time goes by. This is one of my favorites. As you go through the Game and progress you en bloc different things such as other songs, clothing, instruments, and much more. Check it out

Trophy Hunt- By Cabelas simulates a real hunt. Graphics are very good and the game is interactive as well. Nice game. You can change your weapon from a raffle, pistol, or compound bow. The graphics on this game are extraordinary you can hunt several different animals such as buyer, AL, go, or Moose. It has a map different states to hunting in its is close to the game on PlayStation as I've ever same. It's an awesome game . It is a bit pricey but it is entertaining.

Global War- this game is a war simulation using different military weapons to back. The graphics are awesome as well as sound effects. I would probably give this campaign and 8/10 for being one of my favorite games to play personally.
Solitaire-what iPhone with the complete without one of the most popular card games ever made. If you enjoy solitaire you probably would enjoy the is as much as playing with a real deck of cards it's an awesome solitaire game check it out
Texas poker-this is another one of my favorite card games it is a round table display the gifts the person playing the feeling they are sitting at a table playing cards among friends. And the Rose for playing the game are just as they are with Texas poker played anywhere.
Words with friends- this game is much live solid scrapple if you enjoy playing Scrabble you will like this game the free version is just as good as the paid version the only thing being in the free version Barry is a limited amount of ads or advertisement displayed as you play the game but this is not a distracting at all.
Squirmy-this campaign is by TAPSY. AThis game is played much alive the game snake buries applying the graphics are very good.
Farmville- if you enjoy farming on the PC you will truly enjoy yourself playing this game. It is for the most part just slide the game as you play it on the PC. Just consider it Farmville in your phone.
Hi Everybody, I'm new here and just got my iPhone this past week and have been playing around with it all time. hehehe. A few of my favorite games include Angry Birds Rio, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. Other apps that are handy work include Quick Office & Adobe Reader. I also liked the WorldCard Mobil app for scanning business cards. BTW, the TwitterforiPhone app crashes most of the time for me :(
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