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What is wrong with this thing!!!


Aug 16, 2011
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Greetings People,

I have a 5 and I'm now going on the THIRD phone in 90 days. Quick story: When I upgraded to the 5 from my 3GS, that one lasted for a little over 7 months, that one crapped out (reason unknown). The next one lasted a little over two months, until the touch screen went bad (The screen was replaced, but the phone itself crapped out the same day). The one I have now started acting up this morning: Dialed a number and sent the call along, but the program "hung". After two more attempts, the call finally went through. A short while later I went to dial another person and as I was tapping the number in the contacts section. When I did so, the number blinked (acknowledging that I tapped it.) and that was it, it didn't dial the number. After another three attempts, it finally dialed. I now have another appointment at the local Apple store tomorrow morning for them to look at it.
Can anyone tell me if there is some recall going to happen soon? What is going on? I had no problems with my 3GS for three years and now the "newer, better" phone has problem, after problem, even after it has been replaced! What the hell is going on!!!!!

It does seem odd that you're having issues with several iPhone's in a row. The only thing I, myself, would attribute it to would be the much larger amount of iPhones they produce now... compared to how many they were manufacturing when the 3GS was released. When assembly lines are pressed for time to meet demand, sometimes quality starts to go down. Same can be said for computers, automobiles, etc.
These are smartphones. Every once and awhile you'll have hangs, crashes, etc in the programs. Restart the device or do a soft reset (power + home) if needed.

As for hardware issues, if you're buying them new you've got a year warranty.

I'm sorry to hear you're going through this.

Edit: The 5 was recalled but only ones affected by the power button issue. Can you upgrade to the 5c? I have two of them and have had absolutely no problems. Perhaps the 5s? If not, the 6 should be out in a few months.

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Thank you, I tried the soft reset and it took a few attempts before it went. I cannot upgrade to a 5C because the store does not have the ability to do that, or so I was told. Not sure I want the 6, as these things keep getting bigger and bigger.