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What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

Waiting for delivery of my temporary wifi router from my ISP, as my broadband has been out since Sunday. Apparently the fibre cables feeding my local exchange have been destroyed by rats!!!, and requires new cables. My ISP have given me unlimited data on my mobile and also unlimited data on the wifi router to tie me over until such time as it’s fixed.
Unfortunately none of my ‘smart’ devices (Alexa devices, smart plugs etc.) have worked as they all depend on wifi. I should have them working today, however as the wifi router has no Ethernet access, then some devices with fixed connections will have to wait.
On top of all that, my new car is going in for repair today to fix damage that was done when a courier driver hit a rear door, and my hire car is not due till tomorrow!!!

It never rains!……just pours! 🥴
Practicing my internalization skills.