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What are you doing right NOW??? ;)


Sep 24, 2011
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Too hot to go outside. Watching law and order SVU marathon on the USA channel with Miles my Yorkie. The forum won't let me upload a pic.

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I have been working all day the last 2 weekends making picture boards and cash gift boxes for my 2 nieces! A lot of time and love spent here!


Thanks for starting this thread, TLB! :)
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Currently cleaning up a spam attack..someone botted Applits and submitted 10,000 support requests via the "contact support" form. Nothing better...!
For past 2 days have been on a couch with my right leg elevated with an ice pack on my knee.

Ima be a gimp for well over a weak I'm sure. Weather has been ridiculously perfect since getting injured. Figures. :/
Chris951 said:
Thank you I appreciate that. Got laid off at the ford dealership and haven't had any luck so far. Hopefully soon

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Crazy. We can't get enough workers and other places don't have enough jobs. I was in the east end of Edmonton today and nearly every business had help wanted boards outside.