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Voice control = how odd


Jun 20, 2010
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I find this voice control feature just something to talk about with your in-laws when you've exhausted every other topic on the planet. It's just to bad there wasn't a really good segue between talking about the mating cycles of the African dung beetle and the voice control feature. It's so useless. So your with this lady you shouldn't be with and the best way to impress her is the Voice control. You depress the button for three seconds and voice control is activated! With A smug grin at the hot babe to your left, you speak into the phone, offering your command. "Play Pixies music", to which voice control speaks back, confirming it understood your command, "Calling Wife"

So lame. You know Apple has already made the iPhone pretty easy to operate the iPod.
really? that's strange!
i once used it on the 3GS of one my relatives and it worked just find?
are you guys certain that your saying the right words?
Oh, probably not. What's your point? :)
Thats a funny story. However i probably would never use the feature as a conversation saver or a babe magnet. For me the voice control works about 70% of the time while the rest of the time when its wrong, its way wrong.
Your just asking for it if your trying to impress with voicecontrol. It's just like trying to impress your friends with a 6.0 wimmo phone... With the handydandy stylus.. ;)
I actually find it really nice for dialing people in my phone book ... I'd say it gets the correct name/number dialed 9/10 times.
Mine works great, and it comes in handy when driving. Why would anyone use such an old feature to impress anyone ?