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Use iphone as in house remote only


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Jun 30, 2014
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Hello Everybody,

I don't use a smartphone for my cellular needs. I am however thinking of buying an iphone to control some wifi items in my home.

Does the iphone need to be hooked yup to a cellphone company to be used as an in house remote?

Thank you
No. An iPhone without a phone contract is pretty much an iPod. You can use the Remote app to control your AppleTV and iTunes on PC/Mac, and proprietary controller software for home entertainment systems work fine.
I don't use any smartphone because I'm old fashioned and I like a phone to be nothing more than a phone, besides flip phones are small and light and thank god you don't have to type in them (had texting shut off). I don't use an ipod or ipad either, in my life there's been no need other than owning for the sake of owning. I used to run a Napster server and I have a massive music collection but I never liked iTunes so I use a windows based player and I'm surrounded by computers so an ipad seems redundant.

Don't misunderstand it's beautiful built equipment and I respect Apple, despite their proprietor nature

But I want to control a large LED light array I built for my aquarium and I was looking at this

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ipad, iphone, ipod whatever would work I just don't want a monthly charge for what will essentially be a high class remote that will never leave my coffee table.

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