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Universal Mobile Keyboard Works with Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Devices


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Jul 27, 2011
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Sometimes you see a product hit the streets and it just makes you say... "Wow! Why didn't someone think of that sooner!" Here's a prime example: the Universal Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft. It basically does exactly what it sounds like it should do... you can use this on your Windows device, your iOS device or your Android device.

It basically offers the "platform agnostic" mobile hardware junkie the best of all worlds for their various tablets and other devices. It's designed to make things much easier when you actually need to be productive on your tablet, and don't feel like lugging around (or breaking out) your laptop.

This universal keyboard uses Bluetooth and even works on most of the phones from Android and iOS. Check out the video above for a demo. The keyboard is a bit pricey at $79.95 on Microsoft's Store, but the versatility and virtual elimination of extra junk could provide extra value.

Thanks for the tip, leeshor!

Source: Microsoft Store