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Jul 26, 2010
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This site sells skins for diffrent gadgets. In this case the iphone 4. The skins are cut perfect to fit the iphone, so there are no spaces.

The unique thing about this website is that you get to customize what the image is on the skin. That is way better than music skins because you cannot choose whatever image you want to be on the skin.

Personal Experience:
I bought about 17 of these for me and my family for thier iphone 3gs's and i have to say each one was made perfect. Shipping was also fast.

Not only is it durable and scratch resistant, it also protects your device and is super cheap like $6.99 + shipping.[Just search for a free shipping code on google, theres a ton of them]


Durable, scratch resistance, really cheap, cut to perfection from top to bottom, very fast shipping, and is reuseable.

If you chose an image where its really small it will show up really ugly on the skin, so my advice big pictures = GOOD !

Hope i helped some people, i highly reccommend this product to anyone that wants a personalized looking iphone, for cheap to !


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yeah but mine is a Refer one lols, to give away a skin on the site..
Sadly, I had the opposite experience from issjakers. The price is right for sure ($6.99 + $2.45 S&H) but that was about it. I uploaded a high-quality .jpeg image and the product that was mailed to me was 1) for the wrong phone model 2) blurry 3) not even close to looking seamless on my phone [it comes in multiple sections and even when i aligned the edges perfectly, it was still obviously not a full piece]. I called customer service, which is a long distance number, not toll-free and started getting suspicious when the phone just rang and rang. The next day, I got voicemail during business hours so I started to suspect Unique Skins might be operating out of someone's house. After two more business days of waiting on a callback, I emailed - and got a defensive, semi-illiterate response blaming me for choosing the wrong phone model (I went back to the site and confirmed I did select the right one) and for not knowing what constitutes high-quality images. Errrr, I am a multimedia manager for an advertising agency! I replied to their reply - and never heard back again. The money isn't even worth disputing with my credit card company but I'd suggest that you look elsewhere for your skin.