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Twitter Launches its Own In-App Video Service


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Jun 18, 2010
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Re/code reports today that Twitter has launched a rival to its own video app, Vine, with a new video feature within the main Twitter app.

The new feature lets you record, edit, and tweet video clips, all without leaving Twitter. The videos can be up to 30 seconds in length (making them longer than those on Instagram).

While Re/code posits that this new feature could well be a Vine-killer, Twitter says that it is “dedicated” to producing both products.

However, as Re/code notes, the new Twitter video feature and Vine share a lot of similarities, including both having the option to capture video in segments and then edit and rearrange them before posting.

Re/code says that Twitter is hoping to generate more user engagement with the new video feature, as it will hopefully encourage people to spend longer in Twitter, both creating and consuming content.

Another plus for Twitter could be that having more videos in users’ streams might get them more used to advertising videos in their streams, which Twitter is keen to use more of. It will also provide Twitter with more data about which users like to watch video content, which could help determine who to push video ads to.

Look for the feature to start rolling out today on iOS.

Source: Twitter Launches Video Service Re code