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Nov 8, 2014
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I'm fairly ignorant regarding things possible to accomplish with one's iPhone. At the moment, I'm interested in learning more about using my iPhone 4 as a TV remote.

My TV is an older Toshiba, non-HD, and I'm presently using Dish Network with it. Depending on certain future factors I may discontinue Dish and just go back to an antenna.

I've looked at a number of apps that show up when I do a search at the App Store for a TV remote but I don't see any of them say they'll run a TV. They talk about home theatre set ups, computers, etc. but they don't mention running a TV.

What am I missing here? I obviously don't understand something about it, but what? Thanks for your help.
To use the phone as a TV remote, you need an external device to bear the signal. Something like the Beacon device.

The phone can't be made a TV remote without another physical device. Sorry.

Ah, so. Okay. I knew I was missing something.

Thanks very much for your quick response and for answering my question.