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Dish Network to provide free TV streaming on mobile devices for subscribers


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Jul 6, 2010
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One feature lacking on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (aside from SlingBox) is streaming live TV. However, that is about to change for Dish Network customers. Soon, Dish Network subscribers will soon be able to watch live TV on their mobile devices, at no extra cost. A service... for free?! Now, you will need extra hardware for this setup to work, and Dish Network will provide two options. One is to purchase a SlingBox, which retails for $180 to $300. The second option would be to cough up "$200 to $400 to upgrade to Dish's HD DVR with SlingBox features." In addition to that flat fee, the multiple DVR service will cost $10 a month, but at least you'll get recording capabilities with it. So streaming TV onto your mobile device will be free, kinda. How will the free app work?

Viewers using Dish's new app can switch channels remotely. But if someone at home is watching one channel, the person using a mobile device elsewhere has to watch the same thing, unless the DVR being used has a second tuner. SlingBox also can access programs recorded on your DVR, but the box itself can't record.
Not so bad, but this "remote channel switching" could fuel some sibling rivalries. Parents, watch out!

It certainly seems that Dish Network has gotten the jump on its competitors with these new features. Not to mention that mobile streaming for Dish subscribers is technically free of charge, this should propel ahead Dish Network in the eyes of many tech geeks and TV addicts. It certainly doesn't hurt that SlingBox and Dish Network have very close ties, in that both companies share the same CEO, Charles Ergen. Let's hope Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable, have an answer for this shortly. Expect the updated Dish Network app to hit the App Store sometime in September, and the Android Market should see the app in October.

via Engadget
Source: Associated Press
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