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Trying to get a new install of


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Aug 27, 2013
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Hi all,

I have just bought a second hand iphone 5S, at the moment the battery doesn’t really hold much charge. When I went to apple to report this, they said to me that the phone has been jailbroken and they wouldn’t be able to offer any support. Which is fair enough.
Now, I want to reset the phone onto a new installation of the current firmware which is 7.0.6, so what I want to do is effectively install a new 7.0.6 firmware where I already sue a jailbroken version of 7.0.6. The reason is that I have asked Vodafone to unlock the phone and there is no way for me to test this other than to remove the jailbreak.
I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I can re-install 7.0.6 firmware.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, but you cannot install iOS 7.0.6 on that iPhone. All you can do is install iOS 7.1.1, which is not jail breakable.

If you want to try a "semi-restore" - which is to clean up the phone yet still keep the jail break on iOS 7.0.6, take a look at the Cydia tweaks iLex R.A.T or SemiRestore. They might be able to clean up the phone.

Good luck and hope this helps.