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Transfer my old #'s to my Iphone?


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Jul 20, 2010
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Finally got my Iphone yesterday. First time Iphoner here. I'm trying to transfer my old #s from my LG Shine (wow WTF was I thinking) to my I4 (thank god). I connected the phone to my PC but can't get the info to come up in Itunes to sync to my I4. Any help to the newb would be appreciated!
to my knowledge, i don't believe its possible to transfer contacts because its not an iPhone. I dont think itunes would let you sync another phone thats not an 'iphone' itself, although i might of misunderstood your question. I hope someone else could answer it!
need help upgrading to i4 just bought 10.6.3 for imac but cant get i4 to activate with provider
if you saved your numbers to your sim i know other phones like nokia and lg let you do that you can go into the settings and import contacts
Thanks. I just ended up typing them all in.
Just use the software that came with your old phone to export your contacts to Office outlook (i used a trial copy to do it). Once they are saved to outlook you can sync itunes to save them.

There is a free Gmail or Yahoo address book you can save em too also but i never tried this way.
Both my wife and I went in to an AT&T store and they copied our contacts for us from our T-Mobile phone to our IPhones. It only took about 10 minutes to get the numbers transferred over.
When i got my phone i also got a small carrier that takes the micro sim out of the iphone and enables you to then insert it into your old phone for copying. however my old phone blocked the new sim so i did as you did and got busy coping them the old fashioned way. fk me !! what a disappointing use of my time that was !!