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Track your keys from your iPhone with the Elgato Smart Key accessory


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Nov 27, 2012
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We frequently forget where we put our keys and that’s why Elgato company has come up with the Smart Key product. The Elgato Smart Key is an accessory that connects your keychain to your iPhone thanks to the Low-energy Bluetooth Smart technology. By using the companion app, you will be able to find your keys from your iPhone.

The Smart Key will also remind you when you've left your key behind since the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your keys will break. With the Smart Key app, your iPhone will remember the last point where the two devices were connected and it will show it on a map. You can also use the Smart Key to find your car when you're parking in a new or unknown place.

”If you can’t remember where you last saw your keys, the Elgato Smart Key iPhone app will tell you the GPS location of where the two devices were last in contact. Through the app you’ll also be able to make the Smart Key play a sound to help you find your keys when they are down the back of the sofa. Not only that, but attach them to your keys and your iPhone will alert you when you walk off and leave them somewhere. Leave one in the glove compartment of your car, and the app will show you where you parked if you need reminding”

Elgato’s Smart Key is IP65 certified, being 100 percent dust-proof and resistant to heavy water spray. According to Elgato, you will have to replace its battery only after six months. You can buy the Elgato Smart Key for $39.95 with free shipping but it seems to be out of stock for now.

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