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Tough Time Finding A New Case For iPod Touch That Looks Nice

Oct 12, 2017
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Sadly, it looks like us iPod Touch users are a dying breed and becoming slightly neglected in the tech world. I have searched quite a bit for a new case for my touch 6 with an awesome pattern and high quality protection, but not really finding any cases that I like. I would prefer a case that doesn’t have the hole for the loop on the touch 5, but would consider one if I really liked it. I’m seeing way too many cases with ugly unicorns or floral patterns that I have no interest in. I have Speck cases on both of my touchs, but the fabric started to peel off one of them (and looks bad after I tried to glue it back on) and is discolored and the touch slightly moves around inside it, which chipped a little paint off the back. I don’t like the grip on the other Speck case (I have no idea why they would change the grip from the other nice cases), and the case was foolishly made with plastic buttons that are hard to press down. Speck and other companies seemingly refuse to make anymore new cases since I see the same old cases on their website that I saw last year. It sucks that Speck has such a nice wide selection of iPhone cases, but for iPod there is very little selection of cases. Someplaces I even saw touches for sale, but they shockingly don’t even sell cases for the touch. I contacted Griffin, but there’s no telling if they will ever have any new cases. I keep searching for new cases that I like, but just can’t find any. I did find someplace that will custom make cases with nice patterns with a wide selection, but it costs $30. I’m stuck with cases I don’t like, and don’t know where else to look. Any other touch fans out there other than me? Are we touch users on the endangered species list? Am I the only one who doesn’t want to spend hundreds on an iPhone with an expensive plan and data limits?

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