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Tom Tom Usage while in America


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Sep 20, 2010
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Hiya folks

I'm from the UK and use the UK TomTom all the time on my iphone 4, i'm off to Florida Thursday and i want to download the USA version to use while over there.

My question is if i use this ap while abroad, will i get charged for any kind of data roaming or anything i'm missing. I was thinking that because it use's GPS it won't effect my talk time, or data package costs. I phoned orange to check and they were no help whatsoever. So any information or advice while using my phone oversea's would be appreciated

as far as i know tomtom does not use data unless you go to one of the features that needs it like google search...but i cannot find a setting to insure the data is turned off like i could with garmin on my 5800