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The Last Express and Twinsen’s Adventure Coming to iOS


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Jun 18, 2010
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Retro games experts DotEmu have already made nostalgic gamers very happy by resurrecting such classic games as R-Type and Another World for iOS, and it appears that they’re carrying on in the same laudable vein with the announcement today that they have iOS versions of two more classic PC games in the works, namely The Last Express and Little Big Adventure. The Last Express was originally created by legendary Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner back in 1997. At the time, the critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure game was heralded for its interactive storytelling. The action takes place in 1914 on board the Orient Express right before the start of WWI. The Last Express uses unique gameplay mechanics and is one of the only adventure games to occur in “real time”. Now Mechner and DotEmu have joined forces for the iOS version of the game.

"The Last Express is unlike any other game I've done. Its story, characters, and unique game design have stood the test of time and have won the loyalty of an exceptionally passionate and committed fan base," said Jordan Mechner, game designer. "I'm delighted that, thanks to DotEmu, a new generation of iPhone and iPad gamers will now be able to 'board' the Orient Express and immerse themselves in a deep, real-time interactive adventure across Europe on the eve of war. I can't wait!"

Twinsen’s Adventure, also known as Little Big Adventure, is another retro fan favourite. The game was originally designed by Frédérick Raynal, and features the game’s hero, Twinsen, who lives on the Island of the Citadel during the dictatorship of Dr. FunFrock. After some strange dreams talking about how the planet will soon be free, Dr. FunFrock, who is not so fun, it seems, throws Twinsen into a mental asylum. The premise of the game involves not just escaping from the asylum, but also ridding the land of Dr. FunFrock, and saving the world!

DotEmu says that The Last Express will be out “soon” and Twinsen’s Adventure will be out this fall.

Source: DotEmu