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Jul 6, 2010
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The ihand solves the signal problem of Iphone | ChinaPhoneBlog

Recently, because of the problem IPHONE4 signal, The foreigner immediately took out of the hand IPHONE4 correctly to sell.
Yes, it is very interesting that the ihand can catch the Iphone. What do you think of this little thing.

It seems that this can be hot in the future.

How happy the man looks!

hmm can't find where to order... hopefully soon!
'What do you think of this little thing.'

I think it's another shameful display of opportunistic assault. As they say, 'Those who can't do teach'. Well, those who can't even teach, criticize.
Haha. Thats is the best thing ive seen all day. Ill take criticism about my phone like that. Haha. Made my day. As much as i agree that apple effed up, i still love my phone more than any other.