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A Newbie to the forums, but not to gadgets.


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Jul 2, 2010
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Hello and good evening all. I am new to the iPhone4 website and forums but not to gadgets (Wireless, Consoles, ect).

I spent 6yrs in the Army in the communications field (Signal to be exact) and ever since then I have been a gadget freak.

I was one of the lucky 600,000 or so to get in on pre-order day and recieved my iPhone4 on the 23rd of June. I also pre-ordered a bumper at that time, not sure why but it worked out as I recieved that on the 29th of June.

Unfortunatly or fortunatly depending on which side of the fence you are on, I have have had (Knocks on wood) no problems with my new iPhone, that is until I put the bumper on. Yes I said until I put the bumper on I was not seeing a flux in reception and when I would see one, the calls and data seemed to do ok (Read: I didnt drop any calls). In my area thats a big deal, as my wifes 3Gs and my 3Gs always and I do mean always dropped calls in certain areas of town.

Anywho I put the bumper on and almost immediatly the bars (On screen) dropped to nothing, but with a heavy heart and a little testing I was able to ascern that it was not adversly affecting my calls, just the representation of the signal on the screen.

Now I'm not saying that Apple is correct in the way they are handling this and some of the other issues that the phone has had since launch, but there is hope out there all my fellow iPhone4 users that whatever they do in the long run will in fact work.

On a side note, I am also not a fanboy of any product. I believe that we as hard working people of this GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA deserve to get what we payed for with our hard earned money, blood sweat and tears and yes we do have a right to demand our money back if said product does not live up to expectations. Comparitively speaking if Steve Jobs where to buy a product with his money and it did not work as advertised or it was having issues, we can be assured that he would make it known and would want it taken care of.

Im not saying, Im just saying.