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The Animal Circus


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Apr 13, 2011
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$ani_circus.jpgJoin the fun and friendly characters of Animal Circus to expand your imagination and learning!
A picture book for young kids, which promotes learning and active participation, plus guarantees fun and laughter! It fosters valuable imagination and creativity in children with a story which develops self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

Beginning with the basics of abc, children can practice reading, writing and speaking the words aloud. Children learn the proper way to write the letters, and definitions in Korean and English, all through vibrant, colorful animation and background music! There are also many different memory-improving and match-up activities which implement and gives opportunity to revise the words they have learnt.

A workbook, activity book, and memorization chart of words all in one smart app!

Here are some friends you will meet through The Animal Circus:
A bowling master with a big nose, a baby elephant ‘Cori’, a monkey ‘Morris’ who can’t stop laughing, an aerialist ‘Donny duck’, a diving guru ‘Freddy’, ‘Peppe’ the star of a hula hoops show, and a dog named ‘Sandy’ who wants only to spice things up in the circus!

Three ways to read
- Read to Me: touch the words to watch the color change and hear the voice read it to you.
- Read it Myself: using the page turning function, read aloud to yourself, just like a real book!
- Auto-play: the story starts from beginning and continues on autopilot.


Main Functions:
- Read by a voice actor. Supportive background sounds.
- Colorful and endearing animation
- Begins with basics.
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
- Requires iOS 4 and up.
- Aged 4+

App Store - AnimalCircus

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