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Take a look at this new amazing app for toddlers: LH Animal Sounds :)


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Mar 9, 2012
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LH Animal Sounds is the iPad and iPhone app for toddlers and the youngest children. Easy-to-use interface, no ads and professionally prepared content make LH Animal Sounds valuable and kid-friendly app. Choosing one of the characters, a child can learn about animals and have fun with sounds what they make. This app is specially recommended for toddlers - the beauty of simplicity of LH Animal Sounds makes it easier for them to better understand the world.

Huge pictures, amazing spinning menu and a clear voice of the narrator make the world of LH Animal Sounds kid-friendly.This app was tested on many kids and their feedback helped us to make it perfect for them!

We would like to share with LH Animal Sounds with as many children as it is possible. We believe that this app is valuable and useful for them. The best programmers and graphic designers experienced in creating content for the children were working on each detail to make LH Animal Sounds an amazing experience for the youngest iPad and iPhone users.

Have it now: App Store - LH Animal Sounds

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