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The Wolf and the Seven Lambs


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Apr 13, 2011
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Another fairytale comes to life, 3D and more realistic than the book itself!

$w.jpgFollowing Snow White, The Wolf and the Seven Lambs is the second in 3D Pop-Up book series!
Enjoy this classic childrenĀ’s fairytale in a full 3D pop-up book now!
Children (and adults!) of all ages around the world can now explore the journey of The Wolf and the Seven Lambs in this creative and amazingly animated app.

It was fun to read the book. It was better to read it as a pop-up book. But this app with its realistic voice-over reading and 360 degree rotational view brings storytelling with a moral twist to a whole new level.

What appears on screen is just as it would be if you had the book in front of you. As the story begins, children can turn the Ā‘camera angleĀ’ to view the pop-ups from all different sides. When you touch the characters themselves, speech bubbles with key dialogue appears above them, which children can practice reading aloud after the voice-over. Touch them again, and these speech bubbles will appear and disappear as many times as it takes to keep them entertained!

The words of the story are shown along the bottom of the page, but to the ensure the viewer doesnĀ’t become bored, the story is punctuated with lively background music and appropriate sound effects, including roars, laugher, and suspense creating strums.

Readers can flip back and forth between the virtual pages with the help of the arrows at the bottom left and right corners, so you can review, or skip ahead at any time!


This app is truly a breakthrough in childrenĀ’s storytelling! Educational, entertaining, and enjoyable, this is something which will rival the television and computer games for the childrenĀ’s attention!

iPhone ($1.99) :
App Store - The Wolf and the Seven Lambs
iPad ($2.99) :
The Wolf and the Seven Lambs - 3D Pop-up Book for iPad on the iTunes App Store