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Tethering & T-Mobile (UK)


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Jul 16, 2011
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I apologise if this has already been covered elsewhere; I've had a look and can't see anything specific to my query. Which is ...

I've had an iPhone 4 since last year, bought on T-Mobile's iPhone 60 tariff, which IIRC allows unlimited 3G browsing, but imposes a 500MB allowance for streaming videos and uploading and downloading files. That's fine, but I'll soon be taking a trip during which I'll want to use said 3G connection for my laptop. So far, so commonplace.

In preparation, I jailbroke with redsn0w, and from my research assumed that I'd need to download something like Mywii to enable full tethering. However, before I did so, I discovered that the personal hotspot option was already unlocked (I don't recall if it was there pre-jailbreak; most likely not). Testing it, I realised that I could tether with 3G having downloaded no additional apps.

I was surprised at this, as tethering is not explicitly permitted on my plan. What I'm wondering is if I still need to download Mywii or similar to mask this usage, or if T-Mobile UK have no real way of knowing what I'm doing. The last thing I'll need is for the connection to be blocked halfway through my trip because they're able to differentiate usage.

Thanks in advance,