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Terminal on iPhone 4 Tutorial


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Aug 2, 2010
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Anyone who has jailbroken their iPhone 4 will have found that the verision of mobile terminal currently in cydia does not work. This version is not built for iphone 4. Here are the instructions to get a working copy on your iPhone.

What you'll need:
Jailbroken iPhone4
MobileTerminal v4.26

1. download mobile terminal v4.26 from Megaupload
2. SSH into your iphone and drop the .deb into /private/
3. Click on the black terminal icon (in winscp) and run the command "dpkg -i MobileTerminal-426.deb"
4. After it gets to "setting up mobileterminal (426), close out the window, respring your phone and the icon should show up
5. If it appears as a blank icon, drop Terminal.png into /private/var/stash/applications/terminal.app and rename it icon.png

Note: If you already have terminal installed before you start this tutorial, you should probably uninstall it. I think youll be ok if you dont

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I figured it out on my own with the help of google last night and I am a jailbreak n00b. It's no big deal if you are technically inclined and can follow directions. Unfortunately I am back in jail due to something fucking up my 3G connection. Might even stay in jail tbh.
i download the one on xsellize repo for o.s4 worked a dream.

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i download the one on xsellize repo for o.s4 worked a dream.
I don't belive that that was available when I made this tutorial, but I might be wrong. Xsellize is kinda known for piracy, so I didnt have that repo installed. I encourage people to get it any way they like.
Works like a charm.

... just make sure you don't have cydia running when you try it ...

iPhone:/private root# dpkg -i MobileTerminal-426.deb
dpkg: status database area is locked by another process
Thanks to everyone whos made this such a successful thread
Thanks F1r3ant!

Some of the download sites are a pain, but the terminal works great so far. Only thing is, the icon on my iPhone is kinda... blank looking. Any easy way to change the icon graphic to something meaningful?
When running the command in WinSCP, I am receiving the error:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mobileterminal:
mobileterminal depends on coreutils; however:
Package coreutils is not installed.
dpkg: error processing mobileterminal (--install):
dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

Where is the package coreutils and how do I get that installed?
Nevermind. It seems there was a Cydia update for that that hadn't been installed yet.
Once it is successfully installed, can I delete the .deb file from /private or is the app dependent on that file?
I deleted the .deb file and both of the .gz files that were generated and it is working fine for me.
Hey F1r3ant, I tried dropping that .png in there, deleting the original Icon.png, first via SSH as root, then using the iFile web server, tried naming it icon.png and Icon.png, checked all the file-protection bits looked in order, but I still just get a blank whitish icon even after shutting off and powering back on. Any ideas? Appreciate all your help bruddah!