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T-Mobile issues statement on iPhone 5 being supported by their network


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May 27, 2010
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Austin, TX

Immediately after Sprint’s announcement that the network will be getting the next generation iPhone, here comes a report that claims that T-Mobile USA will be getting it as well.

Apparently, Neville Ray, CTO of T-Mobile USA claimed that an AWS-compatible iPhone is probably coming soon. He went on to explain the lack of the ever so popular iDevice within the network – which is due to the redundancy of the iPhone’s radio chip who has never supported the AWS band T-Mobile uses. Now, that the old chipsets are going to be replaced, Ray believes there’s nothing left in the way of the iPhone 5.

Though, looking at T-Mobile’s strategy in the past makes us wonder whether or not the two companies might ever strike a deal, even though the technical difficulties have been dissipated. As it happens, Apple mostly ignored the requests coming from T-Mobile, urging the Cupertino company to design an AWS version of the iPhone. More than that, T-Mobile is a fervors proponent of the Android phones which it advertises as being superior to the iPhones.

Still, T-Mobile should not abandon the strategy since it is still healing from the wounds inflicted after the failed partnership with AT&T. Apparently the T-Mobile is rebuilding its ideology and is now thinking more lightly about past feuds.

CTO Neville Raym himself assured the audience present at CES that the company will continue to build an engaging strategy to keep the network floating. So, we’re expecting to see something major coming from them in the quarter to come.

Source: forbes

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